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Welcome to Dani Mac Music! I'm, obviously, Dani Mac, a singer/actress/dancer/human! This is a page all about my music, my projects and my life! Well, actually, its turned into mostly fandom... But at least my music player works! MBTI: ENFP! I am the Hayato of the Megane Network! I also have a Hayato cosplay ask blog: http://askthefakemegane.tumblr.comIt's trash right now trash, i love it.

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Here are some hip covers by your's truly~! Please enjoy! (Some Kagepro songs might show up soon...)

HAHA!!!! My Princess Jasmine costume turned out to be a success! I actually did makeup and I’m really proud of it!

Princess Jasmine cosplay
Disney Princess
Princess Jasminei worked with what i hadi have another pic but i have to blur my friends faces!!!
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